It is a well-known mantra that if you cannot measure something, you cannot manage it. You also cannot measure the success of any changes made, to help improve it.

In energy terms, this measurement comes in the form of data. Having a good understanding of the energy data will help you establish a baseline, for which you can use to make informed decisions on what to change to reduce consumption.

To do this, you require a data platform that provides key data in an accurate, timely, and easy to understand manner … Which is exactly what WME’s energy monitoring platform, MYWME, is designed to deliver.

MYWME enables you to review, manage and monitor your energy consumption, for your whole portfolio, in one place. Each WME customer is given a unique login allowing access to all energy information, including consumption and cost data. This can be viewed as charts, or data can be download allowing for reports, analyses, and comparisons.


What is new?

  • Interactive Dashboard. Our new homepage has been transformed into a bespoke dashboard showing key charts related to energy consumption. You can add, or remove charts from this page, depending on which are of most relevant to you


  • Enhanced half hourly data analysis. Half hourly data is now split to demonstrate operational hours of buildings. This makes it easier to spot anomalies of consumption outside of normal hours, helping you to get a better sense of what your baseline energy consumption is and easily identify wastage


  • Enhanced chart analysis. Not all our customers are energy experts. Therefore, part of our upgrade includes enhanced chart commentary and analysis. This ensures customers know what they are looking for, and suggests changes which can help them become more energy efficient


  • Use Cleaner, Use Less. Our new page for WME customers only includes a range of useful information to help you reduce your energy consumption. This includes information on AMR data, a handy carbon calculator as well as an interactive energy benchmarking tool.


Some things haven’t changed. Customers can still review their portfolio, submit meter reads and view invoices in the same way as previously.

To read more about why data is important, read our article on Using energy data to manage and reduce consumption - West Mercia Energy

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