How are our framework agreements set up?

WME is owned by 4 Local Authorities and as such we understand Public Sector Procurement rules, and all our contracts are fully OJEU compliant.

We engage with customers across a wide range of public sector organisations such as Local Authorities, schools, colleges and blue light services and a contract specification is then determined which suppliers can tender for. All responses are subject to a rigorous evaluation which includes key criteria such as quality and price and the successful supplier/s awarded.

What are OJEU regulations and who has to adhere to them?

What is a further / mini competition?

What changes when I become an academy?

What is a MPAN and MPRN and where can I find them?

What is a MSN?

What are HH and NHH meters?

What is AMR?

What is a Meter Operator (MOP)?

What is a Data Collector (DC)?

What is a DNO?

What are non-commodity costs?

What is CCL?

What is kVA?

Why do you ask for meter reads, even though I have AMR?

How can I access historic billing?

I have forgotten my login details for MYWME. How can I get this reset?

The box my meter is in is broken. Whose responsibility is this?

What are the non-commodity charges making up my electricity bill?

What are the non-commodity charges making up my gas bill?

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