With energy costs increasing significantly, WME are advising customers to look at ways in which they can reduce energy consumption as a way of protecting from some of the rises.

Key to reducing energy consumption is to ensure that your site is as efficient as possible when it comes to using energy, and key to reviewing this, is energy data.

WME customers can view energy data via our energy monitoring platform, MYWME.

This platform enables customers to monitor energy uses and patterns, free of charge. By accessing and understanding this data your will get a better understanding of how you are using your energy which will, in turn, help identify ways of making efficiencies.  

To get the maximum benefit from energy data, WME recommend.

  • Installing automated meter reading (AMR) where possible. This will help capture consumption data more accurately (WME is rolling out AMR and most meters across our portfolio already have this. If you haven’t, or you are not sure, please contact us)

  • Ensure Half Hourly data is collected, monitored and reviewed regularly via MYWME. Half-hourly data gives an accurate figure of how much energy was consumed for each 30 minute period of the day. This enables you to easily spot spikes in consumption and anomalies, which can then be investigated. (If you have an AMR meter, you can receive HH data – Contact WME to discuss this further)

  • Reviewing standard consumption patterns / profiles for your site and investigating anomalies. E.g. If your profile looks different on a Wednesday to the rest of the week, why is that? It is a heating setting? Is it something to do with your IT equipment etc?
  • Reviewing your baseline energy usage. Your baseline is how much energy you use when your site is not operation, e.g. overnight / at the weekend / during school holidays. It usually consists of things like fridges, freezers, security camera’s etc. But is there more to it? E.g. Is the heating left on over weekends, or IT equipment left on during school holidays? Bringing your baseline down can save a significant amount over period of time.

MYWME provides graphs detailing “operational hours” and “non-operational hours”, to help with this. We also show you the cost of your energy used during “non-operational hours” to give this some perspective.

As well as helping you to reduce consumption by changing behaviours, understanding your energy data can help you make informed decisions about investing in energy efficiency efficiencies assist in decarbonising your operations.

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