Led by a powerful coalition of sustainability organisations, the campaign supports schools to set zero carbon targets, develop roadmaps for delivery, share their learnings with staff, students and families, and work together with local councils and government to make it happen.

It also calls for national government to support this mission through finance, policy and regulation, helping build school capacity and agency, and harness the enthusiasm of the student population. As thousands of schools, staff and students take part, this widespread action will support our councils’ net zero commitments as well as UK-wide targets by helping cut local carbon emissions, increase biodiversity, reduce traffic congestion and improve residents’ quality of life.

Schools play a crucial role in the fight against climate change beyond their contribution to national emissions. With 42% of all UK households home to school-aged children, schools can be trailblazers for sustainability. At the very centre of our communities, they can respond to young people’s calls for action and encourage local families and businesses to join them in taking on the climate crisis. They can set an example to young people, the leaders of tomorrow’s green economy, and help all of society to visualise, plan for and realise a low carbon future together.

On supporting the campaign, WME's Business Development Manager commented, "West Mercia Energy are delighted to support the “Let’s Go Zero” campaign. Schools have a vital role to play in leading, educating and inspiring young people to act on climate change, and that is why we are encouraging our education customers to sign up and make the pledge to work towards being zero carbon by 2030” 

Find out more about the Let’s Go Zero campaign here and encourage your local school to sign up: https://letsgozero.org/

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