WME customers’ energy prices rank amongst the lowest across the public sector

New independent analysis shows WME's energy prices amongst the cheapest across the public sector

Independent analysis of public sector energy costs across 2021/22 and 2022/23 has shown WME’s public sector customers rank in the top 20% for the cheapest energy prices amongst the circa 300 Local Authorities that provided data.  

In December 23, Box Power CIC published a report analysing c.£450bn of public sector energy spend. WME have conducted our own analysis of the results, to determine how WME’s customers have compared, with really positive results.

Our analysis shows that all WME customers within our core flexible purchasing basket, rank within the top 20% of the cheapest rates.

When looking at the average price paid across the Local Authorities, WME’s core basket customers also rank excellently. Combining gas and electricity prices across 2021/22 and 2022/23, WME’s customers return some 28% cheaper, than the average prices.

In addition for the two years, 22/23 and 23/24 where there has been government support schemes in place, the WME core flexible trading baskets for gas and power have been some 59% below the government scheme support levels, thus further protecting the public purse.


Gavin Owen, WME’s Head of Business Development commented, “This independent analysis really underlines what an excellent job our trading team continue to do, despite ever more challenging market conditions. Our long term, risk managed, flexible strategy has withstood the test of extreme market conditions and continues to deliver consistently competitive prices and long term risk management to our public sector clients. Our performance continues to provide significant financial protection in a time of ever squeezed public sector budgets”.


WME’s fully flexible energy procurement is delivered via our PCR Compliant Flexible Energy Frameworks.

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The BOX CIC analysis was based on freedom of information requests and published accounts information. The full report can be found by visiting the Box Power CIC website.

Published: 26-02-2024