myWME Update

WME are delighted to introduce bespoke AMR monitoring to myWME, our free energy monitoring platform

Customers can now set bespoke operational hours for their own sites, categorising different times periods in line with when the site is in use and adding Holiday dates for when sites are closed.  These categories are applied to the graphs shown below, available to view in myWME, which display monthly and within-day usage respectively.

WME see this as an exciting development making it easier for customers to identify energy wastage (i.e., unnecessary usage during times when sites are not in use).

On average, between 50% - 60% of total annual consumption in schools comes from non-operational hours. This new functionality will enable myWME users to set their weekly operational hours and monitor when energy is being consumed. Once identified, specific, targeted measures can be taken to help improve energy efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint as well as your energy costs.


This development is part of WME’s “Use Cleaner, Use Less” campaign to support our customers to achieve their net-zero ambitions.  It will only be accessible for those with automated meter reading and access to half-hourly data.  If you do not currently have access to half-hourly data, please contact the WME customer service team to see if your meter is eligible or can be upgraded to incorporate the data.

myWME is available to all WME’s fully managed customers. If you are not a regular user of myWME, we encourage you to login and take a look at what is available.  As well as analysing half-hourly data, users can view their billed energy costs and consumption, download copy invoices and submit meter reads. WME can set up multi-site user access for customers managing a multi-site portfolio.

If you do not have access to myWME, or have forgotten your login details, please contact the customer service team, using the email below:

More information on our “Use Cleaner, Use Less” campaign, can be found on our website, and this is the first of many new initiatives planned for 2024. Keep an eye on our website, and LinkedIn page, for future updates.


Published: 08-01-2024