The campaign, designed by WME’s Carbon Zero Focus Group, has taken into account customer feedback and is aimed at supporting all WME customers, ranging from schools and academies through to large local authorities to use less energy, become more energy efficient, and to use cleaner energy.

Our campaign can be simply split into two areas of focus.

Use Cleaner
– Even with the most efficient buildings and equipment, the public sector is still going to be a large energy consumer. Therefore, our “use cleaner” pillar, focuses on ensuring that the energy that is consumed, is of the lowest carbon possible.

WME can provide 100% renewable gas and electricity, via our framework provider, but this goes much further. Supporting customers to self-generate, consider PPA’s, demand side response and battery storage.

We already provide innovative offset solutions, enabling customers to utilise locally sourced renewable generation.


Use Less – This focuses on supporting and encouraging customers both reduce their energy consumption, but also be more efficient with energy use. This will both reduce their carbon footprint, but also make savings on energy spend.

This will be delivered through a range of different approaches, including enhanced data provision, an education programme, energy efficiency resources and benchmarking.

As part of the “use less” pillar, we have enhanced our energy monitoring platform, MYWME. This will help WME customers to manage and monitor their energy consumption more efficiently and support them to make more informed decisions on how best to reduce their energy consumption, while monitoring the successes of any changes made.


WME Business Development Manager, Gavin Owen said “We are delighted to launch this campaign, designed to support our customers to utilise cleaner energy solutions and become more energy efficient to help them achieve their net zero ambitions.

We understand that moving to net-zero is now a high priority for our customers and the support available through this campaign will help all WME customers, no matter their size, or their level of expertise when it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency.

This is just the start; we have some new and exciting additional products and services which will be added over the next 12 months”.

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