What is SECR?
Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) is industry legislation that was introduced in April 2019, replacing the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme. The scheme aims to bring the benefits of carbon and energy reporting to more businesses.

Who does it impact?
SECR applies for quoted companies, large unquoted companies (including some Academy Trusts and Housing Associations) and large LLPs (Limited Liability Partnerships). To qualify as a “large” unquoted company or LLP a company has to meet two or more of the following criteria: -

  • Turnover: £36 million or more
  • Balance sheet total: £18 million or more
  • Number of employees: 250 or more

Academies which do not meet the full reporting criteria are encouraged to produce the report annually on a voluntary basis to be displayed via the Academy website.

As such, WME offer this service to all our fully managed academy customers free of charge, and as a charged service for non-WME customers.

What is required within each report?
As a general summary SECR reports are required to contain the following: -

  • Annual Energy usage in kWh for the reporting year.
  • Annual GHG emissions in tonnes of CO2e for the reporting year.
  • At least one intensity ratio (WME use pupil numbers).
  • Last year’s energy usage and GHG emissions figures.
  • Methodology used in calculation of disclosures.
  • Information on any energy efficiency measures taken during the reporting year.

The reporting period for academies is September – August.

How do WME help?
We understand that producing SECR reports is niche, and that many of our customers do not have the time, and often the expertise, to produce these reports accurately.

Our team works with the sites to collect key information required to help produce the reports.

Following receipt of this information, WME’s team of energy experts will collate the remaining information and produce a full report, ready to be submit within the company accounts.

This is just one benefit of WME’s fully managed energy service which is available for any public sector organisation.

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