WME’s siteworks team have saved a Herefordshire based Primary School, £22,300 per year, by challenging the suppliers’ registered annual quantity (AQ).

Following a boiler replacement, the school experienced an emergency situation of poor pressure as their gas supply was inadequate for the loads required to run their new boiler. This resulted in one boiler being switched off to prevent a further gas emergency ensuing due to poor pressure.

Following investigation, it transpired that both the gas service and meter needed to be upgraded. WME’s siteworks team sourced a quote for the works which was accepted.

WME’s team facilitated the works, working with both the school and the contractor to agree a suitable date for completion. There was a requirement for this to take place outside of school hours as the gas would be turned off at site whilst works took place, consequently, leaving the school unheated.

Upon completion, the upgraded service was given a new MPRN and the old gas service was decommissioned.

WME then arranged to add the new site to our contract with the school. Upon receipt of pricing, it was apparent the new gas supply had been erroneously registered with an annual quantity (AQ) of 6.8 million kWh, when the actual expected usage was 60,000 kWh.

This attracted standing charges of £63 per day due to the large, incorrect AQ. On noticing this, WME’s siteworks team requested an AQ review and rejected the proposed price.

Pleasingly, the review was successful and the AQ was amended. This resulted in the supply being repriced, with the resulting standing charge falling from £63 per day, down to £2 per day, a subsequent saving of over £22,300 per year for the school.


''We would like to thank the WME siteworks team for their support throughout this project. Their expertise in engaging with the relevant contractors, sourcing quotes, and arranging the work at a time to suit us was extremely welcome. The siteworks function is an excellent additional service we receive by contracting with WME. With school budgets being ever squeezed, we are delighted this money can be spent on the educational needs of our students, rather than on non-educational costs’’.    

Martin Farmer, Executive Headteacher, St Peter’s Primary School


As part of WME’s fully managed service, we provide a dedicated siteworks team who manage all siteworks jobs from initial contact, through to completion, liaising with the customer throughout the process.

Our industry knowledge of working with suppliers, engineers and contractors will ensure an efficient and hassle-free resolution to any siteworks requirements. Common siteworks jobs include new connections, meter installations, meter upgrades, meter relocations and disconnections.

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