“Knowing each and every invoice is validated prior to us being invoiced provides assurance that we are only paying for the energy we use; this allows us to focus more time on energy efficiency measures and renewable energy projects”
Cheshire East Council.

At WME, we strongly believe that that the value of our procurement strategies can only be fully recognised, if billing is accurate.

Therefore, as part of our fully managed service provision, we offer a unique invoice validation and payment management service.

Under this provision, we sit in between the customer and the energy supplier when it comes to both billing and payments thus providing the most efficient validation service possible.

When we receive an invoice from the supplier, we check it against over 20 parameters using our bespoke designed billing platform. Once we are happy with the invoice, we will pay the supplier and onward charge to the customer.

When an invoice fails validation an experienced member of our billing team will work with both the customer and supplier to get the issue resolved and the invoice corrected before it is issued to the customer.

This means the customer only ever receives an invoice from WME, once we are so happy with it, we have paid it ourselves. This upfront validation is significantly more efficient than retrospective validation, saving significant internal time and resource in checking energy invoices and raising queries direct with suppliers.

In the calendar year 2021, WME failed 4,428 invoices, delivering savings of £2.296m to our fully managed customers.

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