Oil Services

This framework allows WME to supply a range of oil products including Gas Oil, DERV, BioDiesel, Greenflame and Kersosene through our chosen supplier.

Our framework for supplying oil is fully OJEU compliant and therefore customers can be reassured that a robust procurement exercise has been undertaken to appoint a single, high quality and cost effective supplier. To get a quote for your selected product, please use the calculator below. Please note that oil prices change on a daily basis.

Oil orders will be delivered within 4 working days of the order being placed with WME.

To place your order, please contact a member of the WME team now on 0333 101 4424.

Please note that if you are a new oil customer, we will need to set up an account.


Unfortunately we are currently unable to provide prices on our website.


Please call / email to place an order.

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