Ensuring budgets are met and are used as effectively as possible is crucial within any organisation but none so much as within the NHS. Investing in energy that is not cost efficient, flexible or transparent can result in high bills, impacting budgets and affecting resource. Following a recommendation from another NHS Trust, Wye Valley NHS Trust moved their gas and electricity supplies to West Mercia Energy (WME) from 1st April 2020, opting for our to our fully managed energy provision, achieving significant cost savings in year one. This contract involved a portfolio of 22 gas and 17 electricity meters, across multiple sites

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NHS Wye Valley NHS Trust had previously invested in another provider who, although delivered a fully managed service, were not providing them with the support they needed on a regular basis. A lack of transparency and context within procurement performance and general reporting created headaches as to how much energy was being used across sites, and the associated monetary values. In addition, support needed for reporting, and the understanding of unclear reports, incurred additional charges, although Wye Valley had paid a management fee as part of their contract.

Wye Valley wanted a service that provided them with energy supply that met the needs of their sites, whilst also being completely transparent and supported through hands-on management. Furthermore, with the NHS objective to use 100% green electricity by 2022, the Trust had goals to invest in a solution that would allow them to achieve this goal in time.

From April 2021


of all WME's electricity will be supplied by 100% renewable electricity

I would 100% recommend West Mercia Energy to other NHS organisations who want to save on their energy, without forgoing service or quality.

"We have saved significantly since moving to WME's fully managed service and have remained within budget for the first time in 2 years. The capped annual budget means we now have funds available that can be used within other, vital areas within the NHS and the reactive management service means someone at the team is always available if we experience any problems. We have complete trust in the WME team and the service they provide."

Martin Jones - Estates and Engineering Manager

Wye Valley NHS Trust
WME trade over 1.25billion kWh and provide energy services to 12,000 supply points across the country. Service offerings available to our customers includes both fully managed and procurement only solutions

Choosing to move energy suppliers for a large organisation can be a daunting task, collating portfolio data, dealing with contracts and the costs associated with missed deadlines of a complete supplier switch all a concern. Wye Valley opted for our fully managed energy provision service, with the agreed transfer date of 1st April 2020.

The client was surprised by the simplicity and ease of switching suppliers. As a collaborative effort, we lead the process working closely with our clients to support and guide them through the whole process, including assistance with the legalities involved in the contractual aspects.

Transfer Rate


timely transfer rate achieved by WME


kWh and provide energy services to 12,000 supply points

Our fully managed service is inclusive of all reporting, support and guidance our customers may need, providing a cost-effective solution that includes a comprehensive bill validation and payment management service. Our reports are in-depth and supplied in a timely manner - and at no additional cost.

The Trust's previous supplier did not allow for much control over budgets and a lack of agreed costs provided a huge risk. This agreement resulted in budgets being exceeded, and being taken from other, vital areas within the NHS. They also experienced management issues, such as too few units being purchased, also causing an issue on the Trust's funds.

Thanks to WME's risk managed, flexible procurement strategy and innovative capped price mechanism, Wye Valley NHS Trust have saved a significant amount within the financial year, even with the market being unstable. Keeping to budget is vital within the NHS and our capped price mechanism has allowed the Trust to plan ahead and stay within budget , removing the need to ask for increases in budget from the board and reducing any overspends.

Customers on our fully managed solution have complete peace of mind and don't need to be involved in the day-to-day management of their energy supplies. Part of this provision includes a validation service whereby each monthly energy invoice is validated by WME before it reaches the Trust. If it passes validation, WME pay the invoice and onward charge to the Trust. If it fails, WME resolves any issues directly with the supplier on the behalf of the customer,

and the Trust does not receive an invoice until the issue is resolved. This provides complete peace of mind that each energy invoice is correct before it is issued. This service alone has saved the Trust over £16k in year one of their contract.

This level of service saves them time internally and, with WME's ongoing contract management, reporting and detailed budgetary support; the Trust have a clear view of where they are within the markets, allowing for effective future planning of budgets.

They also receive our friendly account management, which includes management of all queries, regular contract reviews and a dedicated siteworks function.