Managing large multi-site energy portfolios can be challenging for trusts. With little to no energy expertise and the responsibility for a large number of meters, the process can become both expensive and complicated. The White Horse Federation is a Multi-academy Trust responsible for 32 schools and 100 meters. The Federation moved their complete portfolio of gas and electricity supplies to West Mercia Energy (WME), which has significantly streamlined a previously complex and fragmented process, saving them both valuable administration time and money.

  • Fully Managed service
  • Time and Cost Saving Results
  • Green Energy Provision
Who are West Mercia Energy?

West Mercia Energy is a leading Public Buying Organisation, with over 25 years’ experience providing energy services to the public sector through a range of OJEU frameworks.

Previously, The White Horse Federation’s meters were managed by a number of different suppliers. This meant the team were required to deal with a variety of contractual terms and conditions and end dates. A portfolio of this nature makes query management particularly challenging which inevitably increases the risk of mistakes occurring. Working in this way also absorbs the time of staff members from multiple teams across the Trust, a resource that often isn’t in abundance in schools.

The White Horse Federation were able to consolidate these tasks by moving to our fully managed service. Under this provision, we were able to provide the Trust with everything necessary to manage the portfolio efficiently, including:

  • Account management
  • Query management
  • Bill validation
  • Annual budget support
  • Siteworks
  • Provision on an energy monitoring platform
  • Freeing the time of internal staff

West Mercia Energy work with


education settings
Prior to moving their contract to West Mercia Energy, The Federation was faced with charges for every additional piece of work undertaken by their previous energy supplier. Under our fully managed service clients have peace of mind that all work is inclusive of their contract.

The transition to West Mercia Energy was absolutely seamless.

"We didn’t experience any of the typical teething issues you would expect when moving a large number of sites to a new supplier. Since the beginning of our new relationship, it has continued to be an easy process and we would have no hesitation in recommending WME to other Multi Academy Trusts."

David Maine, Director of Estates & Facilities

The White Horse Federation
The Trust chose our option of consolidated billing. This has resulted in their finance team saving 3 working days per month, which they previously would have spent working solely on their energy invoices.

West Mercia Energy also provide The White Horse Federation with a bill validation and payment management service, which means that not only have they reduced multiple monthly invoices down to one, but the Trust also have peace of mind that the invoice has been checked and validated by experts before they receive it.

The Trust also has access to our energy monitoring platform, MYWME. A bespoke platform where all West Mercia Energy clients can view their energy consumption and spending in one place, which has saved the Trust a considerable amount of time across various departments. The central team has Trust wide access to the portal, while each individual school has their own individual access.

Flexible or Fixed Energy Procurement

We can provide either flexible or fixed energy procurement, depending on the priority of the client. The Trust opted for flexible energy procurement which is a more risk managed solution, generally favoured within the public sector. Flexible energy procurement, however, does require expertise in the sector. Our experienced trading team monitor energy markets on a daily basis, working to ensure we deliver consistently competitive energy prices for our customers.

WME has picked up 120 incorrect invoices for the Trust, totalling...


By purchasing The White Horse Federation’s energy flexibly, we mitigate many of the risks associated with energy procurement. We provide an important budget forecasting service to the Trust, enabling them to set accurate budgets in line with their academic financial year.

The White Horse Federation regularly ask their students for their views and suggestions for the Trust’s future, and on this occasion, the students asked the Trust to invest in green energy.

West Mercia Energy will be providing the Trust with 100% renewably generated electricity on the Pure Green Energy Tariff from April 2022, enabling them to report zero emissions for electricity under the GHG Protocol Corporate Standards. The Pure Green Energy Tariff guarantees that the energy will only come from UK based solar, wind or hydro sources which will significantly lower their carbon footprint.

Under this provision the trust will save


tonnes of Co2 equivalent per year.
This is the same as...
  • Approx. 300 cars (from the road each year)
  • Approx. 1,500 hot air balloons
  • Approx. 182,000,000 number of smartphones charged

We see WME as a trusted long term energy partner to the Trust.

"To date, their service levels, expertise and results have been excellent and it is reassuring to know they are just on the end of the phone, should we have any queries. I would have no hesitation in recommending WME to another Multi Academy Trust"

Rijk Van Der Merwe – Strategic Procurement Lead

White Horse Federation

West Mercia Energy approach each new fully managed service provision as a partnership and we always look for ways we can help our clients further improve the management of their energy supply. In addition to supporting The White Horse Federation with their gas and electricity supply, we have provided the Trust with further support, including:

Water Framework

WME offers a Water Framework which provides the Trust with a quick, simple and compliant route to market. In supplying this service, we were able to deliver competitive prices for the Trust which further supported them in reaching their efficiency targets.


As part of our fully managed service, WME provide a siteworks function. Our experienced siteworks team manage all siteworks jobs from initial contact, through to completion, liaising with the Trust throughout the process. With extensive industry knowledge of working with suppliers, engineers and contractors, we ensure an efficient and hassle-free resolution to any site requirements. Common siteworks jobs include new connections, meter installations, meter upgrades, meter relocations and disconnections. Technical jobs of this nature are often outside of a trusts’ expertise, making them time consuming and often costly.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Given the size of The White Horse Federation as a Trust, annual SECR reporting is mandatory. With 32 schools and 100 meters, SECR reporting is time consuming, and challenging. We have produced this report on behalf of the Trust as part of our fully managed service, ensuring completion in a timely and accurate manner, with minimum resource taken up from within the Trust.