Who We Are

West Mercia Energy, formerly a division within West Mercia Supplies is a Local Purchasing Organisation jointly owned by Shropshire Council, Herefordshire Council, Telford & Wrekin Council and Worcestershire County Council. WME reports to a Joint Committee with representation from the four Owning Authorities and all staff are employees of Shropshire Council.

Information relating to the Joint Committee meetings can be found here

West Mercia Energy offers energy procurement and management on behalf of its four Owning Authorities and a number of other Local Authorities and outside bodies.

The team provides multi-million pound gas and electricity contracts which are supplied to approximately 6,000 customer supply points. All bills are received at WME from the supplier for validation prior to processing and onward charging to the individual sites. There is a website facility available for customers to provide their own readings and tailor made energy consumption reports are available for large users to manage their energy usage.

West Mercia Energy also provides a Site works service for the provision of new energy supplies which is managed in conjunction with our suppliers.


The Pan Government Energy Project recommended that all public sector organisations adopt aggregated, flexible, risk managed energy procurement. Flexible buying requires minimum volumes and these are only accessible by consolidating your volumes into an existing contract.

WME offer a fully flexible purchasing and risk management strategy. As wholesale prices increase we progressively lock out volumes to ensure that customers are protected from significant cost spikes. If, however, the market starts to fall, we selectively unset our positions ready to repurchase them at lower prices.

We currently procure energy for over 6,000 local authority, public and charitable sector customers across the UK.

Suppliers are paid centrally via electronic billing systems and invoices are validated using in-house software before payment.

Why flexible purchasing

  • Greater control over budgets
  • Manages your risk over a longer period than fixed
  • Opportunity to take advantage of better market prices
  • Not forced to take a gamble on agreeing a price on one trading day out of 250

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