Renewables & Carbon Zero

WME we are committed to supporting the public sector work towards their environmental and social responsibilities. With over 85% of local authorities declaring ‘Climate Emergencies’ we are more determined than ever to support our customers in delivering their action plans.

That is why we have incorporated the provision of renewable energy within our OJEU compliant Gas and Electricity frameworks. Through our electricity framework with Total Gas & Power, we are able to provide ‘Pure Green’ electricity, generated solely from 100% renewable sources (Solar, Wind and Hydro/Wave). This product allows enables customers to report zero emissions for electricity under the GHG Protocol Corporate Standards, Scope 2 and is now taken up by over half of WME’s current customers.

Green gas is also available to WME customers.

Our green offering is supporting public sector ambitions to move towards ‘net-zero’ carbon emissions in the future.

For more details on our renewable energy options, please contact us.


Another way WME is supporting customers work towards ‘net zero’ is by supporting renewable projects. Both WME and our key framework supplier have the required industry knowledge, experience and expertise to support our customers deliver significant renewable schemes. These could include:

  • Self-Generation Projects – This may be large solar farms or small roof mounted generation
  • Extensive Power Purchase Agreement Options
  • Energy Storage Solutions E.g. Batteries
  • Demand Side Response
  • EV Charging
WME are currently supporting a number of customers deliver significant renewable generation projects including the design and delivery of bespoke energy offset solutions on both a large solar farm and an energy from waste plant.
In 2020/21 over 50% of WME customers opted for 100% Pure Green electricity