With public sector budgets tighter than ever the need to monitor, manage and reduce energy consumption has never been more important to our customers. That is why we have launched, MYWME. This energy monitoring platform allows you instant access to all your energy data.

Through MYWME, you can view energy consumption, complete analysis and make comparisons year on year and month on month. You can also view all your site details as well as current invoices and historic billing information.

All WME customers have access to our energy monitoring platform via the WME website. This will help you to manage, understand and control your consumption and identify areas for making efficiencies resulting in cost savings.

Upon joining WME, you will be given a unique login giving you access to all your energy information. Data can be viewed as charts, or you are able to download the data allowing you to report, analyse and make comparison.

Click here to login to MYWME

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